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Mathcad Calculation Server Home Page

Example Worksheets

The Mathcad Calculation Server examples that follow demonstrate uses of the server as a means of delivering interactive Mathcad worksheets online. The Calculation Server offers virtually unlimited possibilities for distributing math-related solutions. For example, with the Calculation Server you can:

  • Share results with Mathcad and non-Mathcad users in an easily deployable and updatable manner:
  • Give access to mathematically oriented catalog, pre-sales, and tech support information online:
  • Centralize time-intensive, repetitive, or verification calculations into a repository, ensuring integrity of the original algorithm, and freeing individual workstations for prototyping work:


Administration Tool

  • Authorized users may customize Mathcad Calculation Server-specific settings stored in the shared web.config file with the Mathcad Calculation Server Administration Tool.

Troubleshooting - Client Browser Settings

End users may browse worksheets on the Mathcad Calculation Server using browsers compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. The following browser settings must be observed:

  • Javascript support must be On, or allowed.
  • Cookies must be allowed for the Mathcad Calculation Server site (session cookies are used to keep track of users and worksheet interaction).
  • If the browser is set up to refresh the screen display from a locally cached page, it is possible that inaccurate calculations would result when a worksheet is recalculated. To prevent this, it is strongly recommended that the browser be configured to refresh the display on every visit to the page.

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