Mud retort analysis, release 3a, issued 1 July 2008. WORK version.

The current release of this worksheet exists in three different versions. They are identical apart from the way they are formatted. The Work version displays the intermediate calculations. The Audit version shows all intermediate calculations. The PDA version removes all text and formats the input and output fields for optimum viewing on a mobile, small-screen device.

User input

Enter empty retort chamber weight. Frt1 =

Enter full retort chamber weight. Frt2 =

Enter final retort chamber weight after retorting. Frt3 =

Volume of mud sample in chamber. Vrt =


Volume of distillate after the test. Vdl =

Volume of water after the test. Vw =

Click here when any values are modified to update the result.


Pressure gradient of the mud under test.

Mud weight of the mud under test

Mass percentage of solids in the mud.

Volume percentage of solids in the mud.

Volume percentage of oil in the mud.

Oil - water ratio.

Worksheet references

Original formulae from MI Drilling Fluids Handbook, ref MI-0020 6/97.

Version 1 of this worksheet was issued on 27 June 2008.